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Monday, December 7, 2009

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Hello to all,
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Susan Coykendall


  1. Hi all,
    I discovered today that Hutch already has a bike program going. Does anyone know about it?

  2. I intended to post a longer comment, but navigating google's account setup has reduced time available for comment. But here it is:

    Took the grandkids on the bus, Friday, Oct. 8, instead of the 9th, our all-ride day. My suggestion from that experience is to talk to folks on the bus. Like Nate Hagens, not to propagandize, but to listen, get their stories--and perhaps tell yours. This of course, takes time. But my youngest grandson, age 3, who burst into tears when a “black” man, aged in his early 30's I would guess, said a friendly “Hello.” Max was tired, which played into it, but his inexperience with others of a different color was a factor.

    After I visited with him for awhile, I found he had gotten construction jobs (some in Texas) just by showing up on site, picking up tools or bringing his own, and working unpaid till the foreman noticed and, by his account, then hired him. This presented an interesting insight into one person's way of beating joblessness and perhaps homelessness. At least when it works.

    He also said goodbye to a “white” woman, plainly his girlfriend, as she got off to work at a local restaurant, providing another perspective on his/their lives. Now Max would not have gotten these subtleties, but he did "get" that this person was friendly, a good human being, and a peer when it came to riding Salina's buses.

    For what it's worth.

  3. Just testing this to see how easy/difficult it is to become a follower. I didn't attend the meeting to look at the land for a possible bike trail. Can you fill in what happened there?